Finding the Right Reception Center

When you are thinking of holding an event the first thing that comes to mind is the reception centre. It is important to book the venue well in advance to ensure that you do not have to compromise in that department later. Even if you are booking a birthday venue make sure you do it well in advance as this party cannot be postponed or celebrated before time. Birthdays are best celebrated on the designated date. However, finding the right venue can be a task so here are some guidelines that might help.

  • Location – The whole point of hosting a party is to gather people and celebrate together. If you pick a location that is too far away, many people would be reluctant to come. Make sure that you pick the birthday venue close to easy public access points so that people from far and wide can attend the event. Make sure there is clear access to bus, rail and other public conveyances nearby. It helps if your chosen reception centre has a web presence where the location is clearly marked on the map. This makes it easier to inform friends and relatives about the exact location so they can conveniently navigate to it.
  • Size – We all have a fair idea about the number of people that will be attending the party, especially in bigger events like a wedding. With RSVPs being maintained, we can gauge almost the exact number of people who will attend. That is why it is important to select a location of the adequate size. Do not think that bigger is always better. If you do not have a substantial number of guests an overlarge reception centre will look empty and awkward. It is better to go for a small to medium size so that the guests have a cozy feeling. However, make sure that there are enough chairs around so that even if all the guests get tired together, they each have a place to sit.
  • Parking – At a time when most people travel by cars, it is essential to hire a birthday venue that has ample parking space. If there is designated valets to park the cars then there is nothing like it. However even if there isn’t, enough space in the parking lot will guarantee that even the amateur driver will find a parking spot without denting cars. Having an onboard parking lot will also be a big relief for the guests as they do not have to constantly worry about the running parking meters and neither do they have to worry about the safety of the car when parked in a dark alleyway. Besides, who likes to walk miles when draped in fineries!
  • Catering – A reception centre that offers catering services is hard to find but if you find it, you can consider yourself lucky. Even so, go through the list of menus meticulously, arrange for a tasting if required. It would be disastrous if the perfect birthday venue serves the most pathetic food. Once you have confirmed that the food is of good quality, you can go ahead and choose the menu that will be most appreciated with your band of guests.

Finding the right reception centre is no rocket science. It just needs some effort, some thought and wee bit research.

4 Responses to “Finding the Right Reception Center”

  • ttocs:

    will the bmt reception center give me an address of a current trainee? i want to mail my friend a letter before she graduates bmt and was wondering if i need any personal information(SSN and similar info) to be able to get her mailing address?

  • Taylor G:

    was wondering if anyone knows of any places in glasgow that would be cheap for my wedding reception? moneys tight so thinking having wedding at registry office late in the afternoon then straight to a hall or something to have a big reception! any ideas would be grateful.

  • Xbox360king:

    Does anybody have any ideas? Hotels are out of the question – They are so damn expensive. Roy Thompson Hall which is cheap might be busy because of TIFF and TSO in Septemver.
    Sorry, I forgot to add that this has to be downtown toronto. Most people coming will be working downtown. It’s just an after-work reception party.

  • Adam:

    Well this is what happened i went to the job CENTRE and told them i was here etc the guard/receptionist sat me down. For 3 hours i was just sat there i kept asking the man why haven’t i been seen and he basically told me to go sit down i asked several times but he kept fobbing me off. Anyway my appointment was at 10am still was there at half 12 and had a job interview at 1 so i asked him i also said about my interview and he sttill said go sit down so i waited untill the very last minute that i could still make my interview still hadn’t been seen so i had to just go.
    there were allot of people coming in sitting down and seen straight away in face around 50 people what can i say to them because i had to go for my interview as i dont want to be on the dole. I have to call them in morning so need help quick please people. Also will they pay me if i use the real reason?

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