Significance of Indian Bridal jewelry for Indian Brides

“All I want to do on my wedding is to look the prettiest so that he falls for me again”, said a bride once on her wedding day at Tivoli.

The entire brigade gets ready for the D day but it is the bride and the groom who are the show stoppers of the occasion. From clothing to foot wear everything should to be tailored in such a way as if made exclusively for the one wearing it. Such should be the charisma of the attire.

Amid all the things bridal jewelry is the most talked about topic.The Bridal jewelry is an essential part of a wedding you all are familiar with the traditional ornaments. But, do you know the significance of these ornaments each piece of jewelry that a bride wears symbolizes something classic or ethnic.

Read on and find out WHY A BRIDE ADORNS JEWELRY? Here we go!

Maang Tikka-
A Golden Gorgeous Hair Accessory set with a help of a hook in the center parting of a brides hair with the gold chunk falling out on the forehead of the bride.This is also called one of the solah singaar for a newly wedded bride. The point where the maang tikka falls on the forehead is known as the ajna chakra, which means preservation. It signifies the holy union of male and female, on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

Wearing a nath on your wedding day is a sign of spirituality. It is also said that the size of the nose ring also represents the financial power of the brides in laws.

In olden days it was believed that the evil spirits can enter the body through its openings. So to avoid that, the tradition of heavy earrings for a new bride were introduced.People believe that earrings protect against evil spirits.

The magalsutra is the most essential of all the jewelry the word Mangalsutra comes from a holy word mangal which means shub& is very auspicious ornament of all. It’s tied around the bride’s neck by the groom and is wore by the bride through her lifetime. It is priceless and pious.

Wedding Ring-
The wedding ring is worn on the left hand’s third finger. It is believed the vein of the ring finger is connected directly to the heart.

Bangles, Bajuband & Chuda-
Bridal bangles are worn to add charm, safety & good luck to the bride. The colors, designs and appeals of bangle’s & chuda’s differs in different cultures.

Anklets & Pajebs-
Worn around the ankles& signifies the arrival of the bride in the family. May her steps bring in prosperity and happiness.

Toe Rings, Noopur or Bichiyas-
Toe rings are worn on the second finger of each feet & it signifies that the person is married. Toe rings comes in different shapes and designs. Now a days unmarried girls also wear it. Perhaps a fashion statement!

Tivoli is not just a wedding destination but more than that. Like these ornaments that make a bride the most beautiful & special one…

Register on a Reputed Matrimony Site and Take Your First Step Towards Marital Bliss

Once we reach a certain age all of us start looking for a life partner to settle down with. Our search is for a soul mate to share the ups and downs of life. Among many other ways, one of the most common and century old way of meeting a life partner in India has been through matchmakers or relatives. Arrange marriage is an old tradition in Indian society which has evolved over the years but is still strongly prevalent. Men and women no matter how independent still like to involve their parents and family in a big way in matters of marriage and parents also give their children the space and time to understand each other instead of blindly tying them together.

As the arrange marriage has evolved similarly ways of meeting prospective brides and bridegrooms is also evolving. With the advent of technology and especially with the coming of internet meeting a life partner has found a new platform on matrimonial websites. A marriage site is a place where prospective brides and grooms, and even their families create profiles to find a life partner of their choice. There are several matrimonial sites catering to men and women looking for a life partner. Matrimony websites list profiles of men and women from all over the world. These profiles are a mix of men and women from different professions, castes, creed, states, and ethnicity.

They also provide bespoke online matchmaking services to those who don’t have the time to search, read and shortlist profiles which they think would be a prospective match. Their experts match and shortlist profiles as per the information given by the user. The experts suggest profiles of other users, which they think would be the most compatible according to their tastes, likings, hobbies, etc. With the consent of the bride/bridegroom even their parents, friends, siblings, or a close family member can also create a profile.

Matrimonial sites offer different membership options to their users. Users can opt for free membership or paid membership. Paid memberships also come with different validity periods and other advantages. In a free membership the users can surf the profiles of other users, read about them, but need to opt for a paid membership to see details like contact information, etc. Taking a paid membership becomes compulsory or important not just to see the contact details of the users one is interested in but also to show that one is genuinely interested in finding a life partner and is investing on it. It also sets one apart from the people who like to create fake profiles just for the fun of it or it create nuisance.

Matrimony sites give ample of options to meet new, like-minded people with the same purpose of getting settled. They also offer expert advice over chat and phone and other features like chat messenger/windows to talk to other users.

Register on a a trusted matrimony site today and take your first step towards marital bliss.

Planning for your Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your big day; especially during the cool Spring months, and perfect weather. Working with a licensed rental company will not only allow you to find exactly what you want for the wedding festivities, but will also help eliminate the work you have to do, and total cost of having an outdoor wedding. Not only will the rental company do all the set up and break down work for you, they will also create the ideal decor, and setting, regardless of the outdoor setting you choose for your wedding day.

Bounce House

It doesn’t all have to be serious on your wedding day; a bounce house is a great way to lighten the mood. Not only can guests get in and enjoy the fun, but you can create some great memories on your big day, with these fun wedding photos. Both the kids and adults are going to love this addition to your wedding day, and several years later, you can appreciate the great photos, fun, and happiness captured, on your big day.

Consider a Photo Booth

If you don’t want to pay a professional photographer, or simply want to add one more place for guests to take fun photos, this is the ideal solution. Guests can enter before the wedding, on their way to the reception, or any time during the wedding activities. A monogram and wedding date can be printed on the photos as well, so you, and your guests will remember the day, and all of the fun that they had on your wedding day.

Attendants for Planning

If you want to cut the cost of planning your outdoor wedding, the rental company also has attendants who will be present to do the work on your wedding day. Need rental tables and chairs? How about a cotton candy machine for an outdoor fun themed day? No matter which of these, or any other items you choose to rent for your wedding, they will all be set up by the attendants, so you don’t have to do the work. And, when the wedding is over, the rental company will also do all of the break down work for you. So, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after guests, or breaking everything down. You can simply enjoy your wedding, your guests, and worry about having a great time with all who are in attendance.

If you want something fun and unique for your outdoor wedding, there are many great ideas to choose from, when you work with a rental company for your wedding day. From a bounce house for great photos you can capture, to renting a photo booth for guests to create their own fun shots, there are many ways to customize, and create something fun on your big day. And, with the right rental company, you can have these items for an affordable price, and everything will be set up and ready to go, when the guests arrive at the venue.

Dressing Style of Bride and Groom in a Punjabi Wedding

In India, there are so many communities and each community follow different culture. Their style of celebrating festival, wedding ceremonies and some other special occasion is also entirely different. Each of them follows their own ritual process as well as performs ritual activity on behalf of their supreme lord during ceremonies. One of the most important things is that all those communities are strictly bounded by their rituals and customs. No one can go against his customs. Among all communities, one of them is Punjabi community which is well known for their vivacious and enthusiasm. Punjabi is considered giant hearted which can be seen in their daily life as well as in their wedding ceremonies and festival.

Punjabi wedding is full of happiness and enthusiasm. People of all age enjoy the wedding happily and it can be seen during their dance program (Bhangra and Gidda). Their wedding is celebrated in a traditional way and the people attending the ceremony are also dressed up in traditional attire. Generally, Women prefer wearing Suits while men’s prefer Kurta Pyzama and Sherwani suit. Besides all, bride and groom dress is a little bit different from others. Punjabi brides mostly prefer Salwar suit along with brocade printed on it and in Red or Pink color as it is considered perfect and preferred color in Punjabi wedding. This color improves the beauty of a beautiful Punjabi girl. The grooms usually prefer Sherwani with Choodidar pyzama but nowadays brides are also being adopted Western suits. Along with dress grooms also tie turban (Pagdi) on his head and a sword is also tied around the waist part. It is tied by female members of the family as it is considered as shagun and also it is traditional process.

Now, Style is being changed and brides love wearing lehangas of different color along with some brocade designs printed on it and some stones, embellished work on it. On the other hand, grooms are also being preferred western dress. During wedding ceremony, a chunni or dupatta is kept over the head of a bride as she is already decorated with so much jewelry of gold, silver, anklets and necklaces. Also a bride hand is full with a set of bangles also known as Chooda.

All these are the main points that are considered during whole duration of the Punjabi wedding ceremony.

Is Sexuality A Choice?

Our sexuality is an integral part of the person we are.

When wondering if a person can choose their sexuality, he or she is usually questioning whether they can choose or change their sexual attraction and orientation.

Sexual orientation is how a person identifies in relation to what gender(s) they are attracted to. Differing sexual orientations include heterosexual or straight, homosexual or gay, bisexual or bi, and asexual. Today we use the initials LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual, and Trans – as a more inclusive abbreviation for what once was simply called ‘gay’.

We are not yet sure why someone has a particular sexual orientation as opposed to another, but one thing is certain: we aren’t able to choose or control who we are attracted to.

Experts think sexual orientation is influenced by a combination of environmental, emotional, hormonal, and biological factors, but no one is completely sure. Each person experiences different influences growing up and he or she is shaped by differing factors. There is no one thing that causes a person to be straight, gay, bisexual or asexual. It is part and parcel of life’s unfolding mystery.

When people question choice in sexuality, they are most often referring to whether or not gay people choose to be gay. Very few people ask themselves if they ‘chose’ to be straight. Most straight people just take it for granted.

If you identify as straight or heterosexual and have wondered if gay people choose to be gay, take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • Is this just a phase you’re going through? – Since you never tried it, how do you really know you’re not gay? – When was the first time you realized that you might be straight? – What is your earliest memory of being straight? – Have you ever thought you might be confused regarding your sexuality? – Have you ever tried being with the same sex to see if you might like it?

These are all common questions that people often ask gay people when they learn of their sexual orientation. To a straight person these questions might sound ridiculous. You might well have thought: “I never really realized I was straight–I just accepted it.” Some people may even feel offended at the suggestion that they try to be anything other than straight. If you felt offended by any of those questions, pause for a moment and consider how a gay person must feel when asked the same kind of things.

A gay person can no more alter who they find themselves attracted to than can a straight person, and what valid reason is there why anyone should be expected to be anything other than they are?

There are certain types of ‘therapy’ that promise to change a person’s sexual orientation; they are called ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion therapy’. The American Psychological Association (APA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS) has taken an official stand denouncing this kind of therapy. Both have categorically stated that there is no evidence that this sort of therapy is effective and it can lead some people to develop depression and suicidal tendencies.

Instead of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation, it is much more healthy for him or her to learn how to come to terms with the way they respond to it. Here good counseling or an experienced therapist can offer guidance and support. Those close to the gay person–friends and family–who are struggling to come to terms with a person’s sexuality can find support through organizations such as PFLAG in the US, and FLAG in the UK. Check online for your nearest group.

When it comes down to it, life is filled with diversity and difference. Sexuality is a simple reflection of this.

What Makes Hawaii A Perfect Wedding and Vacation Spot?

Are you planning to tie knots next year? If so, have you decided the venue for your marriage? Generally, couples pick a banquet hall in their town. However, there are some couples who wish to add the uniqueness to their day, and go for destination marriage. If you are looking for one such wedding, it might just be Hawaii. No other place in the world can beat the beauty and serenity of Hawaii.

When it comes to getting married in your area or town, there are many individuals who are concerned with their guests, especially their families. But if you choose a Hawaii marriage, how many people you think would turn for your ceremony. Frankly, very limited people would like to travel to the location and be a part of your event. There is where the idea of a vacation comes in.

With limited number of guests, you are free to roam from one place to another. Also, the expenses are less. However, if the guest size is large managing them becomes a trouble. The island country has many beautiful locations that are worth visiting. Therefore, ideally your guest list should be small.

Have you ever heard the term a Hawaii wedding vacation? This phrase is used to explain a trip that not only serves as a marriage trip, but also one that serves as a vacation. If you genuinely want your close ones to be a part of your day, you should try everything to hold their attention. Therefore, stress on the fact that you are organizing a marriage vacation.

When disclosing your intention of getting married in the island country, you should keep the dates in mind. The date should be comfortable for your near and dear ones. Also, inform them that you are planning for at least a week’s trip. Since, it might not be worth it for guests to travel to the island for just a couple of days. This will encourage your guests to come for your special day.

In order to encourage your guests to be a part of your big day, you may even want to outline some of the fun nearby attractions and interesting attractions. The destination provides many wonderful attractions, which makes this place a wonderful choice for marriage, honeymoon and vacation.

Such weddings are also affordable, which is another advantage. Many of your guests would believe that a Hawaii marriage trip would be costly. Well, it might be if you book individually. Therefore, opt for group booking, since such bookings attracts discounts and offers. You can check out for packages online from a reputed website.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to marry in Hawaii or some other location, the decision is yours. It is also up to you, whether you want a private wedding or want to involve guests. However, wedding in this island country is cost-effective and memorable.

Tips to Take Sex to the Next Level

Working on in your sex skills is perhaps the best way to make yourself better. Most women are not aware that the more they experience sex in different ways the more all rounded they become. However only a handful of women are willing to learn and when their sex lives take a downward trend, they end up frustrated not knowing that they hold all the power to turn things around. To make sure that you’re not caught up this maze here are a few tips to take sex to the next level.

Improve on Foreplay

This is very crucial if you’re looking to up matters in the bedroom. Learn every trick there is in the book to create anticipation with our man. Foreplay will leave you and your partner really turned and enthusiastic about having sex. Go as far as reading sex guides if need be. You will learn invaluable tips from such sources. When you have a myriad of foreplay techniques in your possession, apply them when having sex with your partner.

Try Out Different Position’s

Move away from the missionary and diversify into other hot sex position. Being a lover who is one dimensional can be boring at times. If you perform the same position over and over again in the same way, you become predictable and mind-numbing. Surprising as it may sound a good number of couples practice their intimacy this way and as a result end up leading very dull sex lives. Switch up a little bit with your sex positions. This not only makes sex longer but also more electrifying.

Show Your Partner Something New

One of the best tips to take sex to the next level is perhaps surprising him with stimulating trick or technique. Variety is the best hidden secret of leading an exciting, intimate erotic life. Touch yourself as he watches and restrain him from getting anywhere near you. Masturbate with him to discover what truly arouses both of you. There are a number of gratifying skills that most women hardly use during intimacy. Source these techniques and use each different skill every once in a while.

Tell Him What You Feel

If you want to make matters really hot in the bedroom, then its time you told your partner how you feel every time you have sex with. Letting you man know that you’re feeling good in bed not only boosts his confidence but also means that he will work harder to make sure you’re satisfied. If you like the way he kisses you or the way he gives you a doggie, let him know. Don’t forget to ask him how he feels as well so that you can know on what to do to make him enjoy the pleasure as well.

5 Foreplay Tips to Take Sex to the Next Level

Research on foreplay reveals that foreplay is a very crucial part of sex. Most love birds want it and it can go a long way in making sure that both partners enjoy intense orgasm. However, great foreplay doesn’t just happen. Just like most aspects of great sex, this is an art that has to be done over and over again to perfect it. Foreplay creates intimate connection just before engaging in a sexual act. Therefore it is in no doubt that foreplay needs to be incorporated in your sex life. Let’s now have a look at 5 foreplay tips to take sex to the next level.

1. Foreplay Spells Better Sex for Both of You: While it is said that men have an active sex drive it also goes without saying that they need to get aroused by foreplay not only to ensure that they have pleasurable moments but also to achieve long periods of orgasm. To be successful in arousing a man with foreplay, start by getting him in the mood first.

This will set the stage for long hours of foreplay which can start with a gentle caress over the shoulder or a kiss on his earlobes. Foreplay doesn’t have to start in the bedroom; it can start on the dinner table in a restaurant. The longer you manage to buildup, the more aroused you partner will be, the more the pleasure for both of you.

2. Build the Anticipation: This is perhaps the most crucial foreplay tip out of the 5 foreplay tips to take sex to the next level. It might as well turn out to be the most memorable foreplay escapade. Tease and sneer at his senses. Go ahead and stroke behind his ears, the lips, and his neck as well. Concentrate on the nipples (yes, men’s nipples are sensitive just like those of women). Take a downward trip and give him the much anticipated blowjob.

Do this with passion, the same way you would do it when you’re having sex. Be calm and don’t be in a hurry to finish it up. Pile up the excitement until you and your partner can’t hold it any longer.

3. Don’t Pile up the Pressure on Your Shoulders and it will Benefit Both of You in the End: Being a great lover doesn’t necessarily mean mastering all the Kama Sutra moves or doing a pile of moves to please your man. Foreplay is all about your desire, reading his body language, kindness and patience.

Most women are in the fear of not pleasing their men in bed and therefore end up performing below par leaving their men unsatisfied. Be in charge, let loose of your sexual prowess and see way he reacts. Take it upon yourself to bring pleasure to him and therein lies your own excitement. If he is not erect or loses his erection that doesn’t mean the end of sex. You can bring his pleasure by kissing and other sensual touches. He might even return the favor by touching you intimately also.

4. Use Your Hands: Foreplay can take many renditions but giving sensual caresses with your hands and fingers will be universal always. Begin with an intimate sensual massage, followed by a rub on the neck, hands and thighs to relax his muscles. Some oil would come in handy! The back of your arm can be used to caress the lines of his inner thighs. Use your hands to stroke his penis in a circular motion to make him scream in desire before letting the whole of his head in your mouth.

5. Take Your Time, Do it perfectly: A man’s body goes through some changes when aroused. Use some lubrication oil to make sure that the intercourse goes well for both of you. At least half an hour of foreplay will provide enough experience for both of you. A blowjob is a sure way of turning him on but don’t forget to be gentle.

Don’t apply excessive pressure on his erogenous zones since that can be painful. Give some massage on the area around his penis and don’t forget to tease his head and balls while you’re at it. In nut shell don’t be in a hurry to make sure both if you are well turned on before sex.

A Glimpse on Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Punjabi wedding is well known for their enthusiasm, happiness and fun activity. Imagination their marriage without fun, embrace and dance activity is useless. They perform many activities including folk dance Bhangra, Gidda, Mehndi as well as all guests embrace each other with happiness during ceremony. This shows their culture how it is different from others. Now, let us talk about some rituals on their wedding ceremony that starts and runs till the end.

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

1.The first pre-wedding activity is Takha during which both boy and girl commit for a wedding and also commit that they won’t accept any other matrimonial proposals.

2.Ardaas: -This is held on the girl’s house during which Gifts, cloths and sweets are exchanged from both boy’s family and girl’s family side. Also girl’s Mama Ji gives her a ring to wear on the wedding day. After this event wedding date is fixed.

3.Sagan: – This event is usually takes place either in the groom’s house or in the hotel. During this activity girl’s father place Tilak on boy’s forehead as well as offer sweets him. Boy’s takes blessings of all the relatives.

4.Chunni Chadana: – This is special for brides in which groom’s sister and sister-in-law offer a Red sari and groom’s mother offer a Chunni as well as jewelry to bride.

5.Sangeet and Mehandi ceremony: – In Sangeet event, everyday friends and relatives gather on both girls and boy’s house and perform singing activities. Some day before wedding groom’s sister and brother-in-law offer Mehndi to bride. This is applied on the brides hand and feet.

6.Ritual’s at brides and groom’s home: – This event starts with the Chuda ceremony that is performed at the girl’s house. The chuda is of red and cream color which is touched with all presents given by Mama. One of the most important thing is that bride does not see the Chuda until it is ready for marriage. Everyone present is touched with that to give good wish.After all four lamps are enlightened up and girl sits in front of the lamps that are reflected on the girl’s face. Then, turmeric and Mustard oil is applied on the girl’s body by her relatives.Same ritual process is performed in the groom’s house. Besides all things one difference is that groom’s maternal uncle tie pink turban on the boy’s head and Bhabhi applies Surma in his eyes.

7.Rituals at the wedding venue: – Now all the family members, relatives and friends of both girl’s and boy’s come to the Gurudwara. First of all Ardaas is performed by the priest and some ritual process like Gurusahib granth is read, fere of bride and groom is done. Along with that a lunger is held in which various types of sweets and pakwan’s are distributed among the guests.

8.Vidaai: – The final event is Vidaai in which bride throws some rice in the back of her house and moves to her marital house.

The Start of a Lovely Together

Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, and love is distinctly in the air. Spring wedding season is upon us and many couples are favouring outdoor weddings to take advantage of the warm not quite summer days. Many couples are utilising the services of event planners and stylists, and there’s also been a noticeable a spike in vintage event hire specialist and bespoke eco vintage stationery printers. Weddings have become eco conscious, intimate affairs led by a civil marriage celebrant, and it looks like a trend that will be staying around for some time.

The trend for civil weddings this year is bespoke, vintage, green, and getting back to basics which is all about love. Brides are opting for vintage glamour and grooms are looking dapper bow ties and bespoke suits. The look is old world charm in a 2014 setting, with fine food, champagne and organic settings.

Decor at wedding ceremonies and the reception that follows, have a theme centred around love, which coincidentally is the theme for the entire day, marriage is after all, all about love. Previous trends, such as black and white, diamonds and pearls, glitz and glamour, have all been about putting on a show and entertaining guests. Making the event itself one to remember, rather than the reason everyone was brought together, which is the witnessing and celebration of two loves uniting as one.

A number of wedding videos are doing the rounds on social media at the moment where the father, mother, or groom himself sings to the bride to express their love and joy in an emotional expression through song. It unites all present and takes away the need to be entertained. What better way to spend a day than with those you care about and to witness the love between two people who have chosen to be married.

Your wedding can still be a balance between old and new. Couples can keep traditional elements and still create a unique and personalised event. Speak to close family about any traditions or important family elements. While it’s your day and needs to reflect your personalities, it can also incorporate some history.

A civil marriage celebrant will help in designing a ceremony that reflects the needs of a couple by including poetry, readings, song and stories that convey the love they have for each other. Other ceremonies including, candle lighting, sand, wine or butterfly release can also be included in a wedding ceremony which enables other members of the family such as parents, children and siblings to take part and share in the magical day.

Your civil marriage celebrant may also be able to recommend photographers, stylists, florists and venues they have worked at or with so that you can have the day that you have dreamt about, and create an energy and special day so that others can feel the love in the air.