The Spellbound Magic That Wedding Videos Cast

Wedding Video that started its journey long ago:

Though wedding videography is a very common trend today and none can ever imagine a wedding ceremony without a videographer capturing every moment of the occasion, the very concept is indeed very old. It may even amaze the readers that it first came into the scene even before video camera was created. In that period of time, videographing in the marriage used to be done by film cameras. But certainly it failed to cast a positive impact over the bride and groom as they had to stand for a long time in the bright lights of camera. But the invention of video camera proved to be a bliss in every wedding occasion and it has continued its magic till then.

The mesmerizing power of wedding videos:

Wedding ceremony is such a field where not only the couple gets united but the two families of the couple also get merged for ever. Here wedding video comes to add more spices in the auspicious event. Be it of the wedding of any religion, its role is quite pivotal starting from a single tiny event of the day from a grand one. All wedding videos like Wedding Videos Sydney which is a very well known videographing company, offer the best thing one can ever experience.

To all married couple, wedding video is a treasure containing all unforgettable memoirs of that very happening day, “The Wedding Day”. It can bring smile to everyone in the family irrespective of their age, It is such an asset that never gets old. Starting from you to your grand children, the video will be cherished and enjoyed by each and everyone and still it will give the same refreshment and charming experience along with giving you the opportunity to relive your past age.

In our busy life schedule, we hardly get time to attend our close relative’s wedding ceremony. We all know and realize the fact this special day of our closed one’s life is never going to come back again and give you a chance to enjoy to your heart’s content. But still you are left with no option as you are nothing but a slave of your super busy life. Here wedding video comes to soothe you when you are mourning over your absence in your special friend’s marriage. You can live each and every moment of the day seeing the video as every small detail is captured in it to give you enough succor and peace. Though not fully, but you can bet, it compensates enough as it makes you feel one in the party itself and then you regret your absence no more because you remain busy in rewinding the video to live every moment again and again!

Moreover, in such a grand event like marriage ceremony, there are numerous tiny incidents that remain unexperienced and unseen even though you were present there in that day. But watching the video even after many days, enables you to experience those unseen moments in a very exotic manner. Every smile and every laughter keep reverberating in your ears long after you have stopped watching it. So, your wedding video is enough to make your special day extra-special!

Persons behind the joy:

Though we hardly remember those people whose hands are real behind the camera, but yes, they are the cameramen only who make us cherish our beautiful moments even after we grow old. The cameramen like in the Wedding Videos Sydney are the real hero to document and capture our living moments and give it a form of an asset of life time.

Tips For Choosing Songs For A Wedding

Since couples nowadays are more hands-on in preparations than before, several of the aspects of the wedding itself can now be personalized. In fact, one of the favorite aspects of the ceremony that couples often spend a lot of time on customizing is the music, from the very first parade song to the selection of dance songs in the reception itself.

If you would like to personalize your own wedding song selection, here are some tips you might want to consider.

  • Check the church rules. First thing you need to do is to check if the church actually allows changes in the selection. You see, although a lot of churches are now open to couples choosing their wedding music, some churches still remain adamant in keeping the traditional ones. Churches like San Agustin Church have some restrictions when it comes to songs for the wedding. So before you spend a lot of time browsing through your albums for the perfect songs, ask permission from the parish priest and church administrators. Whether you are having your wedding at Binondo Church or some other church, first if you can make some changes to the wedding music and then submit your selection to them as soon as possible for approval.
  • Decide on the theme. The theme in the reception can be applied to the music in the ceremony also, so decide on the wedding theme immediately (and stick with it). Will it be lively? Will it be generally groovy and upbeat? You can also go for retro if your guests are more on the older age group, or you can choose to be more solemn and go for the ballads. The important thing is that the music will complement the theme, the guests, and the couple itself in the ceremony.
  • Doable. Another factor that might influence your song list would be how the songs are going to be played. You see, if you are planning on hiring a group to perform the songs, you will be limited to the type of music that the group can play. For example, you cannot expect a string quartet to play bass-thumping dance songs. On the other hand, you cannot also expect to achieve the solemn clarity of an acapella performance even if you use the most advanced music player. You can also reach a compromise between the two if you want. It all depends on the planning.
  • Special sentimental reasons. Is there any song in particular that means a lot to you as a couple? Do you and your partner share the same type of music? If so, this will make it easier to customize the songs in the wedding.

These are merely guidelines to help you in choosing the songs. If you would like to leave the selection to the organizer or to the church, then it is also your choice as a couple.

Finding the Right Couple counselor to Protect Your Marriage

Finding a marriage counselor at any location is very easy, but a counselor with whom you can feel comfortable and can share your worries is a tough job. However, it’s always not necessary that going to a counselor indicates that there is a problem between you two, No! Seeking the advice of a counselor also indicates that are some extra skills that one may need to learn to make your relationship happier and healthier. It was assumed earlier that love is sufficient to make things work, but now it’s not true. To make a relationship successful, there is something more needed to sustain a successful marriage and when you lack of them, your relationship start deteriorating.

Here a skilled marriage counselor can help in getting your marriage back on track. Regardless of the location finding a right counselor is the key to get the desired results. Here are some tips that can help you in finding the right therapist to put the things streamlined.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Christopher Diggins is an experience counselor in seattle. he have 25 years experienced in counseling and offers marriage counseling , couples counseling.

Shortlisted two or three counselors: Don’t finalize on the first counselor you come to know about, select two or more therapists, meet them then select one with whom you feel more comfortable. An experienced counselor can easily explain about the basic steps and his or her personal view about the therapy and indications that you can easily recognize that things are working between you two.

You and Your Spouse’s Compatibility with the Therapist: If the counselor, you choose for counseling can easily relate with you and if you feel comfortable and safe and can easily express your feelings to him or her? Therapy won’t be effective unless you have a bond, so take some time to find the right person. There is definitely no agreement to continue with any counselor with whom you do not feel connected.

How often the counselor attends the seminars, conferences and meets with the colleagues? Attending seminars or meeting with the colleagues helps in sharing cases and receiving advice and the situations when he or some of his peers felt stuck and what could be the possible solution of such situations. Regular consultation with the peers provides a counselor with a necessary reality check as even the best therapists can receive valuable insight from the other therapists that further help a counselor in dealing with the same situation.

The ultimate goal of your counselor: However, generally the answer of this can be that every counselor wants to reunite the partners forgetting or resolving their issues, but how often your counselor encourages you finding out the solution on your own. Getting emotional support and advice from your counselor is fine, but if he or she is not encouraging you to use your resources to tackle the situation, it is most likely you will be dependent on him or her even for minor problems and making you learn how to prepare food not making food for you.

If your Counselor giving you the assurances or making promises? Although every married couple is able finding the solution of their problems, but changes can take years for some people; unfortunately, because time is limited, some may never accomplish the stage of treatment they wish. There can be several aspects of the counseling that may promote or interrupt the therapy so, there should be no assurance without realizing any positive change in the relationship that may or may not come during sessions.

His past experience in helping with the same issues: A therapist having experience in dealing with the same areas over the years expand their perspective and provide them more understanding. So Look for a specialist who has expertise in dealing with the issues that both of you are facing.

Check for needed education and license: A graduate degree in counseling or other related field of study verifies the education and ability to guide the married couples. An updated license reveals the counselor has completed up to 3,000 hours of required supervised experience along with the exam. However, there are many counselors who don’t have a license or required education, still providing excellent therapy to their clients, but a licensed counselor have skills to provide safe psychotherapy and counseling.

Ending a relationship is easy, but coping up with its aftermath can be traumatic. Marriage counseling in Seattle can help in both the situation whether you are working to save your marriage or getting separated. A trench can be bridged, it may take some time, but if both of you are willing to save your relationship, A good and skilled counselor can take you on the right track.

The Alluring Agapanthus

The Alluring Agapanthus

I can see you, my fair bride to be,

A glorious beauty, shining beside the sea,

The agapanthus and your beautiful face,

A gift from nature, imprinted all over this place…

Picture yourself transcending across the beach with the blue ocean and sky, aligned with settings of the alluring agapanthus wedding flowers. You can almost see the love in your bride’s face, reflected in each flower as radiant beams shine from her face. How can you not be in love with the arrangement of this beautiful wedding flower? As you walk along the sand, holding her hand, you know this moment will last forever. The reason this wholesale flower is so meaningful is because of a few things. First, it comes in heavenly shades of blue and purple, blooming into small clusters of tubular petals. Second, the name itself is derived from the Greek, meaning flower of love. Lastly, this precious plant in esteemed by many South African tribes for its magical powers in fertility. It is also called the lily of the Nile.

Something about this flower is magnetically full of passion. It is almost as if the one you love, bearing them in her arms is drawing you closer, you move in and the desire of passion enflames the hunger for her love. Nothing can be a greater proof of your love. The agapanthus has a certain allure that whispers magical words of inviting desires. Depending on the color you may choose, the mood perhaps may change the meaning of the message. For instance, blue means can mean peace, openness, serenity. Pink can mean grace, happiness. Purple can mean dignity, pride, success. Red can mean desire, strength, passionate love, beauty, courage, and heart. White can mean innocence, humility, reverence, and simple beauty. Yellow can represent joy, and light-heartedness. Orange can mean energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. Green can mean health, resilience, good fortune, and youth. Lavender can mean royalty, grace, and elegance. There are so many things that different colors can represent. Depending upon what you want to say to the one you love and the message you want to portray, choosing the right color is almost as important as choosing the right flower. The right color may also depend upon what the color represents to you.

Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers can help you pick out the right wedding flowers. The advantage of wholesale flowers is that they come fresh to you and have a vase life three times longer. Also, the DIYWedding Flowers can provide the choicest wedding decorations. You can choose an agapanthus as the flower of your and let the bride to be see how beautiful she is in your eyes as she radiates like the glow of the sun upon her beautiful agapanthus flowers.

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How to Throw the Romantic Outdoor Wedding of Your Dreams?

There’s nothing more romantic than an outdoor wedding. However, whether you plan to tie the knot in a field, garden or on the beach, there are a few tips you should know about in order to plan the perfect, romantic outdoor wedding of your dreams.

1. Have a plan B in case it rains

Even if you set your wedding date in summer, there is no guarantee that there will be blue skies and sunshine come the day of your wedding. However, even if it pours down with rain on the morning of your wedding, you don’t have to move your wedding indoors! Instead simply rent a large canopy tent which can be used for both your wedding ceremony and your reception.

2. Get creative with seating

Instead of opting for ordinary chairs, consider using hay barrels or over-sized cushions as seats for your wedding ceremony. However when it comes to your wedding reception it pays to stick to traditional banquet tables and chairs as it would be hard for your guests to eat while sitting on a cushion or a hay barrel.

3. Keep your decorations simple

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on expensive decorations. Instead consider using fresh flowers to decorate your wedding arch, reception marquee and banquet tables. Alternatively, consider using helium balloons tied to hay barrels or hand-painted wooden signs to add a little extra color to your wedding venue. For inexpensive yet romantic centerpieces for your banquet tables, simply place candles in mason jars and decorate the outside of each jar with flowers.

4. Surprise your guests and set up your own outdoor theater

For a romantic touch, hire an outdoor theater screen and during your wedding reception play a montage of photographs and video-clips of memories the two of you shared together. If you have family or friends who live overseas or who can’t make it to your wedding, you could also arrange for them to send in short video clips congratulating you on your special day. These can be screened for all your guests to see.

5. Consider opting for a fairground or carnival themed wedding

If you plan to hold your wedding in a large open field, why not opt for a fun filled fairground theme? For a casual carnival themed reception set up popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone and hot dog machines to keep your guests satisfied until dinner is served. If your friends and family are young at heart, or you plan on inviting children to your wedding, you may also want to consider hiring inflatable slides, bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve read our five simple tips, simply set a date and start planning the romantic outdoor wedding of your dreams. Just remember to organize shelter in case of inclement weather and nothing will be able to spoil your special day.

Why Should You Hire Best Wedding Planner?

Weddings are destined in heaven and made a reality on the earth. It is one of the most important moments of any couples life. A fact is that wedding is fun and enjoyable but it takes a lot of hard work and time.

Increase Your Refractory Period and Enjoy Your Sexual Life

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Want to Shorten Time Between Sex? You are just at the right place. It is very frustrating when you don’t get the orgasm. There are methods to shorten the time. The best way is to either exercise or taking the help of the supplements. In order to get the results through exercise, you need to have patience. What you have to do is, the moment you get the erection, just try to extend the time of erection as long as possible. Once you master this step, you need to start masturbating till the time you are ready for orgasm and then again stopping until the sensation has passed.

When you reach your 50′s or 60′s and discover that your refractory period has not harmed you, you would feel satisfied and relaxed.

Wedding Myths and Traditions

The bride’s symbolic walking down the wedding aisle with her father to her side.

This tradition dates back to an age when daughters were thought of as the property of their fathers and were ‘given away’ on their wedding day to become the property of their husbands. Most brides continue with this tradition in modern times as it has become a symbol that their father is giving his blessing. Many brides do opt to do something different, for example walking down the aisle with another family member (maybe if their father is no longer with us) such as brothers, uncles, stepfathers or their mothers. If they have older children many chose to walk with them, again often as a symbol that they give their blessing. Many couples who perhaps are older and do not have any parents still alive chose to walk together as a family with the children if they have any. Some grooms choose to walk down the aisle with their mother’s to balance things up!

Wedding rings being worn on the left hand fourth finger.

This tradition started way back in Roman times as they believed that the vein in this finger ran directly to the heart. Before this wedding rings were worn on the index finger. Couples have been exchanging rings as a symbol of everlasting love (the unbroken circle) for thousands of years. Originally they were made from hemp (not very long lasting), then iron in Roman times and then precious metals in modern times.

The veil.

It is believed that its origins stem from the days of ‘arranged’ marriages. The bride’s parents would hide her appearance until the marriage was legal and the dowry had been paid. The groom would then lift the veil as a sign of dominance over his wife. If the bride wants to show her independence then she should lift her own veil. It is also thought that wearing a veil wards off evil spirits.

The bride having something old on her wedding day is said to represent the link between her, her family and the past. Examples are jewellery, the wedding dress and/or veil and tiara or head dress.

Wearing or having something new represents the transition into adulthood and good fortune and success. Most brides have a lot of ‘new’ things on their wedding day anyway but a nice touch is a gift of jewellery from the groom.

Tradition says that if brides have their ‘something borrowed from a happily married friend then it would mean that their good fortune and joy will be bestowed on the new bride and groom.

So why should brides wear something blue? Well, blue is said to represent loyalty, love, fidelity and purity. Blue in the garter or other underwear is a good way to include the colour without it being on show.

In modern times the sixpence in the shoe is all but forgotten. It is thought to bring financial wealth to the bride and her new husband in their future life together. Some searching with coin dealers should enable you to purchase a real sixpence for a unique twist on the traditional wedding sixpence. A 5p piece would be a modern equivalent.

Date and time of the ceremony.

Couples often chose a Saturday to get married as this fits in easiest with people’s working lives and gives everyone another day off to recover.

It is said that the couple should tie the knot as the minute hand is rising towards heaven, i.e. between half past and the hour.

Chimney Sweeps.

It is said that King George III was on a journey in his carriage when the horse bolted and he was carted off in fear for his life. It was a chimney sweep who was brave enough to step out and grab the horse managing to stop the carriage without any harm coming to the King. The King therefore decreed that all chimney sweeps were lucky and should be treated with respect.

There are also a few other traditions and myths:-

Rice or grain was traditionally thrown at the couple to encourage fertility in modern times this has, in modern times more often than not been replaced with confetti.

The bride always stands to the groom’s left hand side as this leaves him free to draw his sword and fight off other men who would like to take her for themselves!

It is considered bad luck if the groom sees the bride or her dress before the wedding day and good luck if he doesn’t. It is believed that the luck increases if he doesn’t glance at the dress as she walks down the aisle. Some people say it is so that he does not have an opportunity to change his mind, again coming from the days of arranged marriages! Couples nowadays stick to it because it adds to the excitement and anticipation, building up to the moment that the groom sees his bride as she arrives beside him.

The Top 10 Most Popular Theme Weddings

You have the ring on your hand and you have set the date – you are getting married! No doubt you are likely excited, nervous and a bit apprehensive. However, now the big decisions come in and you have to begin to decide on the most important elements of your big day, starting with the theme. Selecting the right theme for your wedding day can be as challenging as finding your perfect dress; however, reviewing some of the most popular wedding themes right now may be able to help you make your decision.

Number 10: The Woodland Wedding

One of the biggest wedding themes that is being used this year is natural and rustic with accents that are sophisticated and glam. This may include centerpieces that are green and branchy, with a number of lush flowers with a pop of sparkle with a faux fur or sequin table overlay. The fashion seen in these weddings typically includes long gowns and veils with lace and floral embellishments. The dresses your bridesmaids wear can mimic yours with mismatched dresses and loose braids for their hair do. Other small touches you may want to include are flower crowns.

Number 9: The Fairy Tale Wedding

Have you been dreaming of the perfect, fairy tale wedding since your childhood? Have you had your eye on various tiaras, dreaming of the day you would walk down the aisle with your prince charming? The good news is that you don’t have to actually be royalty in order to feel like a princess on your big day. For your dress, go big, with a full skirt and long veil. You could be extravagant with the food as well, including a top-tier plated meal and a huge chocolate fountain, with of course the cake that is as tall as the ceiling.

Number 8: Vintage Wedding

If you have decided to go with a vintage wedding theme, then lace is a must have. Search for a gown that implements lace with a bit of a modern twist and stick to a more muted palette of colors such as gold, rose, slate grey and ivory, which are all pretty and soft. For the decor, you can select unique chandeliers and billowy fabric to create a type of faux canopy above the reception area. Also, mix your covered chairs with natural, wood chairs. You can also extend this vintage theme to the food that you serve. For example, use vintage bottles and fresh lemonade and fruit.

Number 7: A Relaxed Beach Ceremony

If you are not interested in the latest trends and styles, and just want to relax on your big day while you have a good time, you should consider heading to the beach. A beach wedding is extremely popular for any couple and almost ensures that everyone will have a great time. The fact is that there is nothing that can match saying “I do” with your feet in the surf and sand. You can even make it completely casual by having your bridesmaids either bare foot or in flip flops, with short dresses and skirts. Once the ceremony is over, you can gather around a fire pit with your guests for an oyster roast, or visit a beach front club for dancing and drinks.

Number 6: An Ethnic Wedding

Multicultural and ethnic weddings are about embracing your traditions, family, culture and color. If you choose this type of event, select rich fabrics, jewelry and beautiful fashion, which is what will help to bring your event to life. An element that is key to this type of wedding is the lighting that you select. Try using bright and strong lighting for your decor and creative centerpieces. You may also want to consider hiring musicians and dancers to play songs and traditional dances from your heritage.

Number 5: An Extreme Wedding

Are you and your fiance the kind of individuals who love extreme sports, such as throwing themselves out of a plane for fun? When you spend time alone with your loved one, does it usually include skis, a helicopter or scuba gear? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider ditching a traditional wedding and make the event as extreme as you and your love.

While it is not too likely that the remainder of your wedding party will want to get in a hot air balloon with you, or hike up a mountain to hear you say “I do,” you can plan an indoor wedding reception that will provide your part and guests with a little taste of what you did. For example, if you are planning an underwater ceremony, you can host your reception at an aquarium.

Number 4: A Seasonal Wedding

If you would like to host a classic wedding, that is not too outlandish or pricey, then consider celebrating for the current season. For a summer or spring wedding, chose flirty and short dresses in a vibrant or pastel color and be sure that you incorporate many seasonal flowers in the centerpieces and bouquets. In fact, nothing will say spring quite like a bouquet of daises, tulips or sunflowers. You should try to plan for the reception and the ceremony to be held in an outside venue that is full of sunlight and life.

If you have decided to get married in the fall, you can play up the colors that are seen during harvest time, such as crimson and chocolate brown. Additionally, you can incorporate seasonal embellishments with wheatgrass flower arrangements, apples and gourds.

Number 3: A Macabre Marriage

If the idea of a large white dress and a super sweet cake does not make up your dream wedding, then you may find some inspiration thinking outside of the box. While it may seem a bit creepy to some others to exchange your vows in the midst of stylized skulls and carved pumpkins, if you are a bit creative and have a wicked sense of humor, then the macabre themed wedding may be fun and festive. Do you love the Mexican day of the dead or Halloween? If so, this may be a theme that suits you perfectly.

Try to plan this wedding late in October or in the early part of November so you can correspond with the annual events.

Number 2: The Valentine’s Day Wedding

While a Valentine’s Day wedding may be a bit cliche, it is also extremely romantic. Plus, this will make it quite easy to ensure your honey remembers the anniversary date. If Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a weekday you may be in store for a smaller guest list; however, this will give you some wiggle room with the budget to make it a much more intimate and romantic affair.

Number 1: A Completely Traditional Ceremony

An old-fashioned and traditional wedding is still one of the most popular themes that is used today. This is when the bride is going to wear a traditional white gown and the groom will be in a full tux. Additionally, the ceremony will be held in a synagogue or church and presided over by some religious official.

The fact is that this is your big day and you should create the wedding of your dreams. These are some great ideas to help you get started.

Things to Talk About in Premarital Counseling Sessions

Whether it’s your wedding, or the wedding of a close friend, it won’t take long to realize that the planning process is often both detailed and complicated. The advice presented here will help you make sense of the many different options for planning this very special event.

Understand that all who are supporting you and helping with your wedding are doing it out of love, as you should show them respect and appreciate what they are doing for you. Do not become a “bridezilla”, as this can alienate a lot of people and put a damper on the days leading up to your wedding.

If you are having a destination wedding or a wedding outdoors, take into consideration the role that the wind will play. Make sure that all of your decorations are weighted down so that they do not fall out of place and ruin the arrangement. This will help you maintain aesthetic beauty at your wedding.

Keep your outdoor wedding decorations simple, at all costs. You will want to be the central of your wedding and too many decorations can take away from this. Keep your decorations very neat and ornate, but make sure not to go overboard, in order to allow your guests to maximize their experience.

It is important to practice walking down the aisle as often as possible before the ceremony. Also, practice it at the wedding venue in the shoes you plan on wearing. In this way, you can be sure everything will go smoothly on your wedding day.

If you or your future husband have a great voice, one of the things that you can do is to sing a song at your wedding. This should be a slow song that you dedicate either to your future soul mate or someone that is looking down upon you at your wedding.

If you have a lower budget for your wedding, don’t include flowers in your decorations. For centerpieces you can use branches you find on a walk in the forest, and surround the containers you put them in with stones from a nearby river or creek. Make a bouquet out of local plants and flowers for a locavore touch!

When you are walking down the aisle, look directly into the eyes of your groom at all times. This will be a special moment that you two will share for the rest of your life, as you will want to see each other when it happens. Look and smile at your groom to make the best of the moment.

Almost essential to a wedding is a photographer. No wedding is complete without a pictorial representation thereof. Don’t you want to save those memories for a lifetime, and be able to years from now look at them and remember all the blissful feelings you had that day? By hiring a photographer you make this possible.

Now that you know more about how to plan a stress free wedding, keep these tips in mind to keep it all on track. These handpicked tips will take much of the stress and hassle out of designing a momentous and highly memorable wedding experience for the bride and groom.